Trauma cleanup and crime scene cleanup involves the removal and cleaning or disposal of items that have been contaminated with body fluids / blood, or tissue matter, but it does not stop there.

Clean Scene Trauma are a team of highly trained specialists, whose training with the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners allow them to offer remediating to areas that have been contaminated with bodily fluids and human tissue; areas the untrained eye would not see.

We offer our crime & trauma cleanup service in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Lanarkshire and the rest of central Scotland and can deal with (but not limited to) the following events:-

  • Natural & Traumatic Event Cleaning.
  • Murders.
  • Decompositions.
  • Industrial Accidents.
  • Crimes & Accidents

As well as cleaning the obvious area that has been contaminated, we also perform a thorough deep clean, especially in areas that the untrained eye would not see such as grout, cement, wood flooring and sub flooring which all have the potential to emanate death odors if they have been contaminated due to the decomposition of human body fluids / blood, and tissue. Clean Scene Trauma use professional-grade decontaminants to make safe potential biological hazards.

We can also help a grieving family by dealing quickly, compassionately and effectively with crime scene cleanup. Our team are sensitive to a family's grief, and will thoroughly explain the process that may be required for their particular situation.

We are happy to work with an agent (a friend or family member) so the family need not be involved in a significant way.


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